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V27(3), 1999 A “High-Wired” Balancing Act: Technological Change and Public Education in Canada Details
Marita Moll, Heather-Jane Robertson
V36(1) Fall / automne, 2010 A Brief History of Knowledge Building Abstract   PDF
Marlene Scardamalia, Carl Bereiter
V29(2) Spring / printemps, 2003 A Case Study of Institutional Reform Based on Innovation Diffusion Theory Through Instructional Technology Abstract   HTML
Michael Szabo, Sonia A Sobon
Vol 42, No 2 (2016): Special Issue A Case Study on Learning Difficulties and Corresponding Supports for Learning in cMOOCs | Une étude de cas sur les difficultés d’apprentissage et le soutien correspondant pour l’apprentissage dans les cMOOC Abstract   PDF
Shuang Li, Qi Tang, Yanxia Zhang
V23(3) Winter/ hiver, 1994 A Case Study: Development of Interactive Multi-Media Courseware in Dentistry Details
Benoit David, Arto Demirjian, Steven Shaw
Vol 39, No 1 (2013) A Comparison of Participation Patterns in Selected Formal, Non-formal, and Informal Online Learning Environments / Comparaison des modes de participation dans des environnements formels, non formels et informels d'apprentissage en ligne Abstract   PDF
Richard Schwier, Jennifer Seaton
V28(3) Fall / automne, 2002 A Convergent Participation Model for Evaluation of Learning Objects Abstract   HTML
John Nesbit, Karen Belfer, John Vargo
V33(1) Winter / hiver, 2007 A Formative Analysis of Resources Used to Learn Software Abstract   HTML
Robin H. Kay
V34(2) Spring / printemps, 2008 A framework for identifying and promoting metacognitive knowledge and control in online discussants Abstract   HTML
Elizabeth Murphy
Vol 41, No 4 (2015): Special Issue A Learning Module for BA Students to Develop ICT Skills for their Learning Activities | Un module de formation visant le développement des compétences TICE chez les étudiants en baccalauréat Abstract   PDF
Hervé Platteaux, Sergio Hoein
V23 (1) Spring / printemps, 1994 A Proposed Model for the Systematic Design of Instructional Pictures Details
Faye Wiesenberg, David Baine
V32(3) Fall / automne, 2006 A Response and Commentary to: A Review of e-Learning in Canada Details   HTML
Terry Anderson
V19(2) Summer / été, 1990 A review of A Handbook of Computer Based Training (2nd Edition) Details
Stephen G. Taylor
V18 (1) Winter / hiver, 1989 A review of A Reappmiaal of Instructional Television Details
Jon Baggaley
V17(2) Spring / printemps, 1988 A review of An Attributional Theory of Motivation and Emotion Details
Gilles Carrier
V23(2) Summer / été, 1994 A review of Aspects of School Television in Europe Details
Richard F. Lewis
V24(3) Winter/ hiver, 1995 A review of Canadian Internet Handbook (1995 Edition) Details
Earl R. Misanchuk
V33(2) Spring / printemps, 2007 A review of Catching the knowledge wave? The knowledge society and the future of education Details   HTML
Sharon Friesen
V33(2) Spring / printemps, 2007 A review of Complexity and education: Inquiries into learning, teaching, and research Details   HTML
Krista Francis-Poscente
V24(3) Winter/ hiver, 1995 A review of Computer Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom Details
Cathy L. Bruce-Hayter
V20(2) Summer / été, 1991 A review of Computer-Based Instruction: Methods and Development (2nd Edition) Details
Diane P. Janes
V24 (1) Spring / printemps, 1995 A review of Computer-Based Integrated Learning Systems Details
Blair W. Kettle
V25(3) Winter/ hiver, 1996 A review of Critical Issues in Qualitative Research Details
Mary F. Kennedy
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 A review of Decoding Discrimination: A Student-based Approach Details
Denis Hlynka
V18(2) Summer / été, 1989 A review of Developing Competent Health Workers: A Handbook for Designing Education and Training Programs Details
Gordon Trueblood
V23(3) Winter/ hiver, 1994 A review of Distance Education: A Practical Guide Details
Mary F. Kennedy
V26(3) Winter/ hiver, 1997 A review of Distance Education: A Systems View Details
Mark Bullen
V24(2) Summer / été, 1995 A review of Educational Programmes on Television: Deficiencies, Support, Chances Details
Judy Somers
V18 (1) Winter / hiver, 1989 A review of Educational Technology: The Closing-In or the Opening-Out of Curriculum and Instruction Details
Cheryl Amundsen
V32(3) Fall / automne, 2006 A Review of e-Learning in Canada: A Rough Sketch of the Evidence, Gaps and Promising Directions Abstract   HTML
Philip C Abrami, Robert Bernard, Anne Wade, Richard F. Schmid, Eugene Borokhovski, Rana Tamin, Michael Surkes, Gretchen Lowerison, Dai Zhang, Iolie Nicolaidou, Sherry Newman, Lori Wozney, Anna Peretiatkowicz
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