V29(3) Fall / automne, 2003

Table of Contents


Constructivism, Education, Science, and Technology HTML
Moses A. Boudourides
Analyse de la nature constructiviste d'une activité d'apprentissage collaboratif médié par les TIC HTML
Nancy Brousseau, Jesús Vázquez-Abad
Social Capital in Virtual Learning Communities and Distributed Communities of Practice HTML
Ben Daniel, Richard A. Schwier, Gordon McCalla
Using Activity Theory to Design Constructivist Online Learning Environments for Higher Order Thinking: A Retrospective Analysis HTML
Dirk Morrison
Self-Regulated Inquiry with Networked Resources HTML
John C. Nesbit, Philip H. Winne
Bridging Theory and Practice: Developing Guidelines to Facilitate the Design of Computer-based Learning Environments HTML
Lisa D. Young
The Effects of Peer-Controlled or Moderated Online Collaboration on Group Problem Solving and Related Attitudes HTML
Ke Zhang, Kyle Peck


Editorial HTML
Diane P. Janes

Book Review

Book Reviews / Revue de Livres HTML
Rick Kenny, Karen Belfer

Research Report

Research Reports / Rapports de recherche HTML
Janet McCracken

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